We lived in Tobermory for several years, and now our son and grandson live in the town, that’s why I know Tobermory well enough to recommend it as a place to visit for many reasons.

Tobermory is the most populated town on the Isle of Mull, with about 1000 inhabitants. It’s 35 minutes on the ferry from Kilchoan, so you can go there on one of the morning ferries, have a beautiful day, and come back to Ardnamurchan in the afternoon or by the last ferry, which leaves at 6 pm. (Here is the actual ferry schedule.) No matter the weather, Tobermory will meet you warmheartedly (see the photo below).

Nowadays Tobermory is loved by tourists for it’s bright cottages – from pink to green, but 50 years ago it was a town with traditional white or stone houses. One day an hotel’s owner decided to paint his hotel yellow, luckily his neighbours picked up the idea and coloured their cottages, magically increasing the town’s attractive appearance.

Besides colourfulness, Tobermory has a lovely variety of gift shops, restaurants and cafeterias (I highly recommend the Chocolate factory, they produce delicious chocolates, and their cafe is cozy and dog friendly). Around the Harbour there is a Coop supermarket, a bank, a fantastic iron mongers, a chandlers… last but not least there is a bookshop Tackle&Books, in which you can easily spend half a day, inspecting the bookshelves with Scottish folklore, history, recipes, and much more.

There is a lot to see beyond the Harbour as well. Higher in the town there are lovely streets to walk, an old graveyard with an amazing sea view, and an Art centre, selling teas and home baking. There is a war memorial, close to the Western Isles hotel, which has a fantastic view from it’s conservatory. If you go for a half hour walk along the forest path, you will come to the lighthouse. I guess, I’ve already told you enough to include Tobermory in your holiday plan! Oh, I’ve almost forgotten to mention the Distillery, where they have been producing the famous Island single malt scotch whisky since 1798. If anybody in your company doesn’t like walking, but likes whisky, just leave them there for a couple of hours – there are guided tours to the distillery for the proper Scottish whisky lovers.