Nobody knows when people settled in Glendrian, but we definitely know when it was abandoned, – in 1941.

A walk to Glendrian takes about 2 hours (4 miles and a half from Kilchoan), and it’s a beautiful place for a lunch, if you take some tea and sandwiches with you. Not a single person around, no cars passing by, relaxing river murmur, white sheep grazing around… But I warmly advise you to wear waterproof clothes and shoes, the soil is quite marshy there.

Glendrian is surrounded with mountains, as it is located in the crater of a volcano, that was active about 60 million years ago. The village was inhabited for hundreds of years, in 1737 it had 6 men, 8 women and 15 children, and in 1841 there were 8 households inhabited by 39 people – mostly farmers and shepherds.

By 1872 the village had been reorganised into a crofting township, but it didn’t save Glendrian from abandonment in 1941. The house in the photo is the largest in the village and the last one to be left. Now Glendrian is a National Scheduled Monument, and a beautiful place for a long walk. See the photo below – it’s the way from Kilchoan to Glendrian. Do you hear it calling on an adventure?