Do you know that Robert Louis Stevenson’s family is an eternal source of light in Scotland?

Robert Louis Stevenson is the internationally famous author of the “Treasure Island” novel, and he is a triple nephew of lighthouse engineer. Three of his uncles have dedicated their lives to lighthouse-building, and all together they have built about a hundred! The most famous of Robert Louis’ uncles was Alan Stevenson, and he has designed Ardnamurchan lighthouse, which I strongly recommend you to visit! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. The 118 ft tall lighthouse is the only one in the UK built in the Egyptian style, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

2. It’s notable for being the most westerly lighthouse of the UK, and the views from it’s surroundings are unforgettable. 

3. The cafe at the lighthouse will be reopened in Spring, but even before that it’s a wonderful place for a picnic. There is a table and benches on a cliff right near the lighthouse. Just take some sandwiches and tea with you, and enjoy your meal.

4. This gramophone-looking red thing in the photo is an old fog horn, an element not so common nowadays due to GPS. Years ago I remember waking up to it’s deep and plangent howl that covered all the villages around on foggy nights…

5. Whether you are on foot or travelling by car, a trip to the lighthouse from any of the Steading Holiday’ cottages won’t take long. It’s about 15 minutes by car or 2 hours on foot from Kilchoan, and the road is surrounded by fabulous landscapes, that the Highlands are famous for.